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BREAKING THE SINNER (book #4 of The Breaking Series): coming February 2019. The newest addition to Holt Body Fitness, Cobra, promises to help a religious cult escapee, Gen, to complete every item on her list of New Experiences. Except for one: fall in love.

MY LITTLE SECRET (book #3 of The Breaking Series): Sadie’s in Denver to support her brother Brute’s rapidly-ascending MMA career. It would be business as usual, but her number one crush is his most-hated opponent—Hawk. So when she runs into Hawk one night at the bar, she plans to introduce herself. But hello turns into holy hell…and a whole helluva lot more.

CHANGING THE GAME (book #2 of The Breaking Series): Their relationship was a hot, intense mess. Lila said never again. Five years later, Lex is back, and she’s eating her words. Except this time, she’s got a secret that could ruin their second chance at love.

BREAKING THE RULES (book #1 of The Breaking Series): Travis could lose his best friend if he so much as blinks at Amara. Amara thought that with Travis it would be one-and-done. But neither can fight what’s growing between them…even if it goes against every rule in the book.



The Last Resort, The Wild Rose Press, Released March 17th, 2017 — What can happen in a week when you’re on the run with a baby, trapped in a hotel in PA with a gorgeous guy and dangerous sparks?  For Rose, getting back on the road and away from the snow storm is priority one, even if it means leaving her rescuer Garrett, who might be everything she never knew she wanted.

A New York Minute, The Wild Rose Press, Dec 2015 — Paige Alexander is the sparkling star of her self-made NYC talk show. But when Josh Lambert–head honcho of the reigning entertainment company, self-proclaimed asshole, and total hottie–steps in to swallow the competition and redistribute the staff of her – show, Paige must swallow her pride and work for the enemy in order to keep her career relevant. Despite naming herself President of the I-Hate-Josh club, she can’t deny the sparks between them, and this stint in the Hawaiian Hell brings her face-to-face, and body-to-body, with one of her most frustrating yet delicious professional challenges yet.

Jaded, Breathless Press, 2014 — When a construction crew shows up at Isabella’s front door for a surprise home remodel, she never imagined it would include her love life too. Is the gorgeous yet cocky boss Luke just a player using the wrong head…or is this connection worth diving into head first? This title is not currently available. 








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