Short Stories

Short Stories

EROTIC DESTINATIONS: an erotic, travel-themed short story series. Travel the world, one lover at a time, on the heels of the hottest flings. From business trips to staycations, backpacking to glamping, these characters find love, lust and romance on the road all around the world!

What can you expect from these sizzling short stories? Turks, Latinos, Italians, South Americans. Reality TV dance competitions, wandering backpackers, corporate Spring Breaks, middle America business trips. Jungles, infinity pools, cobblestone streets, snow-capped mountains.

Don’t have time for your own vacation right now? Take a trip to an erotic destination…

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BOOK 1, CARLOS & CASEY — Join these ex-lovers four years after their last romp as they find out whether the flame is still there in the hottest business trip since the dawn of the 9 to 5…

BOOK 2, WHEN IN ROME — Alexandra is a travel junkie, and when she finally decides to do Rome, she never thought it would involve doing an Italian, too. Much less in the middle of the most popular touristic sight in the city. Follow these two Alex’s as they explore the depths of sizzling passion in a chance encounter that blows both their minds.

BOOK 3, TURKISH DELIGHT — Jenna’s job is in the sidelines of a dance competition reality show, so seeing sexy A-listers is just another day at the office. But then Kadir shows up, a Turkish soap opera star who seems just as intrigued by Jenna as she is by him. Find out what happens when Jenna says yes to the wildest fling of her life.


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