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(Bayshore #3):

coming spring 2020

Dominic Daly’s story



MAKE ME FALL (Bayshore #2):

There’s one rule in the Cabana family: stay away from the Daly boys. It was never a problem for Kinsley, the ugly duckling of her family, even though she craved Connor Daly in secret. Now, years later, they work together on the west coast. When Connor asks her to accompany him back to Bayshore, all expenses paid, it comes with one important stipulation: pose as his girlfriend. Rom-com/fake romance/ugly duckling.

MAKE ME LOSE (Bayshore #1):

Grayson and Hazel aren’t just rivals; they’re enemies. When Grayson comes back to Bayshore for his grandmother’s funeral, the two long-standing foes butt heads as he seeks Hazel’s realty services to sell the house he just inherited. What’s worse is that everyone in town that always wanted them to end up together might actually have been right all along. A rom-com/second chance/enemies-to-lovers romance!



(book #5 in The Breaking Series):

Fiona Frank is a blooming pop star princess, but it all hinges on her maintaining the brand image her record label signed her for: The Sin Girl. Her career depends on her being a wild child, but loyal family man Eddie Valenzuela is making her reconsider everything she thought she knew about life and love.


(book #4 of The Breaking Series):

Fame, fighting, and one-night stands is all Levi’s ever had time for, but the glam-shy bombshell Riley who becomes his MMA photographer turns out to be everything he wasn’t looking for. The only problem is that out here in Hollywood, he can have fame or he can have true love–but he can’t have both.


(book #3 of The Breaking Series):

The newest addition to Holt Body Fitness, Cobra, promises to help a religious cult escapee, Gen, to complete every item on her list of New Experiences. Except for one: fall in love.



(book #2 of The Breaking Series):

Their relationship was a hot, intense mess. Lila said never again. Five years later, Lex is back, and she’s eating her words. Except this time, she’s got a secret that could ruin their second chance at love.



(book #1 of The Breaking Series):

Travis could lose his best friend if he so much as blinks at Amara. Amara thought that with Travis it would be one-and-done. But neither can fight what’s growing between them…even if it goes against every rule in the book.



(Novella in The Breaking Series):

Sadie’s in Denver to support her brother Brute’s rapidly-ascending MMA career. It would be business as usual, but her number one crush is his most-hated opponent—Hawk. So when she runs into Hawk one night at the bar, she plans to introduce herself. But hello turns into holy hell…and a whole helluva lot more.


The Last Resort, The Wild Rose Press, Released March 17th, 2017 — What can happen in a week when you’re on the run with a baby, trapped in a hotel in PA with a gorgeous guy and dangerous sparks?  For Rose, getting back on the road and away from the snow storm is priority one, even if it means leaving her rescuer Garrett, who might be everything she never knew she wanted.

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