Breaking the Rules

Book #1 of The Breaking Series

Published September 28th, 2018

Contemporary Erotic Romance, UFC/MMA


Successful owner of Holt Body Fitness, Travis Holt has one thing on his mind: winning his upcoming fight. Amped up on adrenaline and machismo, Travis is the favored competitor. Nothing can throw him off his game. But when his best friend’s kid sister rolls back into town, all bets are off. The meek and sweet little girl has grown into a woman that Travis cannot resist.

Moving back to LA isn’t exactly what Amara Valenzuela wants in life. After all, the life she left was full of flirtation, fun, and flings–all without the watchful eye of her overly protective big brother. But when her mother gets sick, Amara knows that she must be there for her family. Reconnecting with Travis Holt is just a bright light in her dismal relocation.

As Amara starts training at Holt Fitness, one thing is certain: Travis and Amara can’t deny their attraction.  In a room full of hot, hard, sweaty bodies, these two have more than fitness on their minds. Travis knows the rules; Amara is off limits. Frankly, Amara is sick of letting her big brother call the shots.  She wants Travis for a night of passion and pleasure–whether her brother likes it or not. Will the undefeated MMA fighter be strong enough to resist the charms of his best friend’s sexy and sweet little sister or will trying to win  her heart be the showdown of his life?

“…all of the spice and daring of modern love…Ember Leigh knows how to create sizzling tension and conflict of the heart!” —Tome Tender Book Blog



Breaking the Rules